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Eternal Sunshine #103 Now Available – August 2015 Issue

Just released: Eternal Sunshine #103, the August 2015 Issue.

Included in this issue:

Columns from Jack McHugh and Larry Peery
Richard Weiss’ Subzine
The latest issue of The Abyssinian Prince
The first round of the new Kendo Nagasaki game (join now!)
The first round of the new By Popular Demand game (join now!)
Hypothetical Questions
The annual ES NFL Football Prediction Contest
A new Dead Pool contest
and the usual crap.

Check it out in the Eternal Sunshine Yahoo group, or the Diplomacy section of my personal website at

Direct links:

pdf –
html –

Read, enjoy, and participate!

Revised Diplomacy World #130 Available

I have posted a new version of Diplomacy World #130, the Summer 2015 Issue, repairing the layout of the Last Man Standing article which I butchered previously.

You can find it in the Yahoo diplomacyworld group or on the Diplomacy World webpage at

Direct link:

Now Available – Diplomacy World #130 – Summer 2015 Issue

Just released: Diplomacy world #130, the Summer 2015 issue! Included among the articles you will find:

* Andrew Leavey on Crimea, Diplomacy, and diplomacy
* Mario Huys with a special Sherlock Holmes crossover from the Diplomatic Pouch
* Joshua Danker-Dake on Turkish Strategy
* A sample chapter from Conor Kostick’s upcoming book on The Art of Correspondence in Diplomacy
* Rick Leeds on his new zine The Velvet Glove
* Toby Harris on World DipCon
* David Hood on DixieCon
* and sooooooo much more! 100 pages of Diplomacy material!

Download it now from the official Diplomacy World website at

Direct link: