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The Best Albums of All Time…

Just a word of warning. Well, not warning, more like a head’s up. You know we’ve done Best Movies of All Time and Best TV Shows and we did 23 Tunes….but in the upcoming issue of Eternal Sunshine I’ll be explaining how we’re going to handle the best albums of all time (hint: it will be multiple “games” as I plan to break it down by decade). So start thinking about your answers. And recruit non-readers to participate. All they need to do is join in the fun, download the zine, and follow the rules. Check ES #105 in about a month for full details.

Eternal Sunshine #104 Released – September 2015 Issue

Just released: Eternal Sunshine #104, the September 2015 Issue.

Included in this issue:

Columns from Jack McHugh and Paul Milewski
Richard Weiss’ Subzine
The latest issue of The Abyssinian Prince
The second round of the new Kendo Nagasaki game (join now!)
The second round of the new By Popular Demand game (join now!)
Hypothetical Questions
The entries for the annual ES NFL Football Prediction Contest
The entries for the Dead Pool contest
and the usual crap.

Check it out in the Eternal Sunshine Yahoo group, or the Diplomacy section of my personal website at

Direct links:

pdf –
html –

Read, enjoy, and participate!

Eternal Sunshine Deadline Approaching

Just a reminder that the deadline for Eternal Sunshine is coming up in about a week: August 25th at 7am my time. So get your orders in if you haven’t already! And don’t forget about:

Game Openings
Letters and Columns
Richard Weiss’ Subzine (and *HIS* games and Game Openings)
The Dead Pool <– Need a few more entries or it won't be held!
The Eternal Sunshine Football Contest <– Need more entries or it won't be held!
By Popular Demand
Hypothetical Questions

As a reminder, the By Popular Demand categories for Turn 2 (don't forget to specify a Joker category with double points) are:

1. A U.S. Political Party other than Democrat or Republican.
2. A pop music star (individual or band) from the 1980’s.
3. The weight of a newborn baby (in pounds, rounded to the nearest pound).
4. A poet.
5. A book by Dr. Seuss other than The Cat in the Hat.

And the Hypothetical Question of the Month are:

#1 – You pay for Netflix Streaming service. A very good friend is on a horribly tight budget and asks if she can have your password to use the account too. You want to comply, but also fear she may “loan” the account to some of her own friends. What do you do or say?

#2 – The duplex down the street houses two families or groups of friends, one on each side; you’ve never met either. One of your neighbors says “white supremacists” live there, another jokingly referred to the place as the “local ISIS base.” Last week you saw a box on the porch marked “Lamp Oil.” This week you noticed a delivery where the box is marked “Slow Cooker.” What do you say or do?

Direct download link to Eternal Sunshine #103 is:

Click to access es103.pdf