Kickstarter Movie Review – Life is Cheap

Do you only enjoy the best in cinema? If you limit yourself to classic Film Noir, or the latest art house release, or even only big blockbusters like the Marvel Comics films, you can go ahead and skip this review.


Life is Cheap is NOT a film for everyone. It’s actually not a film for most people. But if you’re a fan of John Waters, if you like the most vile of Troma films, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing Wayne Wang’s “Life is Cheap…But Toilet Paper is Expensive” (which may be where they got the title for Life is Cheap from) then Life is Cheap might be worth your time.


The DVD box is a good indicator of what I am talking about. “Vomit, Blood, Feces…and Fun!!” Even the UK-required “18 – Not to be supplied to any person below that age” has been edited to say “Suitable only for pervs & weirdos.”


While the story itself can become quite confused and non-cohesive, with some characters appearing briefly for little or no reason, the description on the box actually summarizes thins rather accurately. With a few edits by me: “All is going well for Joeby the toilet cleaner. But when his boss discovers his shit collecting habits, he gets the sack and must face the wrath of his fly-spray-sniffing brothel madame mother Babs and their deformed child of incest “Bubbles.” To make matters worse, Babs’ chainsaw-wielding prison girlfriend Donna is planning a breakout and has it in for him.”


This is a low budget poor-man’s Pink Flamingos, in a way. Joeby isn’t just obsessed with feces; he is also somewhat of a mental defective. He is sort of a cross between a Gumby from Monty Python and Neil from the TV series “The Young Ones.” There’s a wonderfully awful scene where he dresses in a half-cape, pours talc all over himself, inserts fangs in his mouth and announces “I am Dracula” before singing a manic song about how you can be Dracula too.


Plenty of thick accents, people screaming over each other (sort of your worst nightmare if you live in an apartment complex), sexual and bathroom humor…I don’t what else to say about this movie. Heather hated it, but then again she couldn’t understand a single word anybody said. I thought it was hilarious, but it isn’t for the faint of heart or the easily offended.


As of right now I have no idea how or where you can buy this movie. It may be available somewhere in the UK but it isn’t on Amazon and isn’t even listed on IMDB. So perhaps you’ll forever be denied the experience that is Life is Cheap. If I get any updated information I will certainly pass it on.

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