Archive | December 2019

Eternal Sunshine Resurrected

I think it’s about time to resurrect Eternal Sunshine. I figure I’ll start with a single game of Diplomacy and a game of Balkan Wars VI. Once an issue or two has been published I’ll add Kendo Nagasaki and By Popular Demand, and see where that takes things. Issues will be available in the Eternal Sunshine Facebook group in the Files section ( ), and at . If you want to sign up for Balkan Wars VI or Diplomacy, email me at They’ll be run with Black Press (although press is a rarity these days). The zine will be on a monthly schedule, as it used to be, with issues available in pdf and html versions (as before they will only be available electronically; I won’t be sending them postally but you can print the pdf’s if you like the feel of hard copies). I’ll put out an issue once I have a gamestart ready to announce. I’ll be accepting subzines if that’s something you’re interested in doing, once a few issues are in the bag. Please share and publicize this announcement within the Diplomacy community (publishers, please mention it in your own zines).

I can’t post copies to the Yahoo group any longer but I can post messages there announcing the issues. If you don’t use Facebook and you want to be notified about issues coming out in the future, you can follow me on Twitter at @EternalSunshDip or email me and I can add you to some kind of manual mailing list.