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Just Released – Eternal Sunshine #128 – January 2020 Issue

Just released: Eternal Sunshine #128, the January 2020 Issue.
Included in this issue:

The first gamestart in the resurrected zine

Catching you up with my life

Another new zine announcement (a plug, if you will)

and the usual crap.
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Eternal Sunshine – Anybody Want to Play?

Anybody want to play?

So far I’ve just got one person signed up for the Diplomacy opening, and one signed up for Balkan Wars VI. I’ll be publishing an issue in January with or without a game being filled, but I’d like to have the game openings showing a little more progress before that happens.

I am enthused by all the positive feedback I’ve gotten. So if you don’t feel like signing up for one of these game openings, spread the word!

Once the zine gets rolling I’ll open By Popular Demand and Kendo Nagasaki, but not until a few issues are in the can and there’s some regular readership.

Happy New Year!

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